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Multi-Vehicle Car Accidents In Florida

Multi-vehicle auto accidents are the most common form of motor vehicle accidents that occur on the road today. Although the majority of these are minor fender benders or rear end collisions, one or both vehicles are still likely to sustain damage and the driver and/or passengers involved may be injured. In high-speed multi vehicle accidents, it is possible that all parties involve could sustain catastrophic injuries, requiring emergency medical treatment and extensive surgery or other medical care.

It is not uncommon for more than one other person to contribute to a car accident. It may have been the drivers of two other vehicles, or another vehicle plus a hazard in the roadway. Whatever the situation, if more than one person contributed to the accident, you will likely want to file a claim under the liability insurance of both.

Unfortunately, proving fault in these accidents can oftentimes be difficult. If you are involved in an auto accident with another vehicle, you may wonder whether the other driver can be held liable. This would mean that the other driver’s insurance company would pay for your medical care, damage to your vehicle and other losses that you have sustained. It may be mistakenly assumed that the first driver that collided with a vehicle and caused the accident should be held accountable for the injuries and property damages of all drivers and their vehicles. This may not always be the case!

An experienced car accident attorney will examine the evidence to determine if any of the following contributed to the accident:

  1. Aggressive driving
  2. Violating traffic laws
  3. Distracted driving
  4. Weather conditions
  5. Driving under the influence
  6. Dangerous road conditions
  7. Malfunctioning auto parts

If any of these apply to any of the cars and/or drivers involved in the accident, there may be some level of fault attributed to each. When more than one path or reason contributed to an accident, things may get complicated quickly. For example, while one driver may have rear-ended another car due to road conditions, a third driver that was texting while driving and did not stop in time may have contributed to additional damage since they did not exercise the proper level of caution and care behind the wheel.

Keep in mind that you cannot collect more than the full amount of your damages from all of them together, but you can collect up to the entire amount of your damages from any one of them, depending on the fault allocation. If the coverage of one person at fault is not sufficient to cover all your damages, you can still collect the remainder of what your claim is worth from the other person who was at fault.

If more than one driver’s car insurance policy can cover your damages, what typically happens is one policy is deemed to provide ­“primary” coverage, while “secondary” or “excess” coverage is provided by another policy. The secondary policy is only used if the primary policy doesn’t pay for all of your damages.

By talking to Kovar Law Group, a well versed auto accident attorney, about the circumstances of your collision, your injuries, insurance, and a number of other factors, you can find out your rights and your options in recovering financial compensation from the responsible driver.

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