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Graves Amendment

I am often times asked what happens if you are the victim of a collision caused by an uninsured or underinsured motorist driving a rental vehicle. The short answer is that unfortunately, victims in this scenario have little remedy for their injuries in Florida. This is because of the misleadingly-named Safe, Accountable, Flexible, and Efficient Transportation Read More

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What Is Probate?

Probate is a court-supervised process used to identify and gather the decedent’s assets; pay taxes, claims, and expenses; and to distribute assets to beneficiaries. The Florida Probate Code is found in Chapters 731 through 735 of the Florida Statutes. There are two types of probate administration in Florida: Formal Administration Summary Administration Florida law also Read More

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MedPay Coverage

In previous posts, we have discussed that the state of Florida is a no-fault state and requires that all insured drivers carry $10,000 of Personal Injury Protection (PIP) that covers 80% of any medical bills that are directly related to injuries sustained in an auto accident. What recourse to do you have for the remaining 20% Read More

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What is the Value of My Claim?

Everyone wants to know how much their case is worth. It is the one of the most asked questions personal injury attorneys are faced with. The answer is sometimes a complicated one. There are a wide range of factors that could potentially affect the value of your claim. A few of the most common factors include: Severity of Read More

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Understanding Florida’s PIP Law

Florida is one of ten states that have personal injury protection (PIP) auto insurance. Also known as no fault insurance, the intention was to provide injured drivers up to $10,000 in immediate medical coverage in lieu of establishing fault through the court system. The $10,000 is designed to cover your own injuries and lost wages resulting Read More

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Breaking Down Your Florida Homeowner’s Insurance Policy

Your home is likely your most valuable asset. In Florida, state law does not require you to carry homeowner’s insurance; however, your mortgage company might. Failure to maintain homeowner’s insurance under the terms of your mortgage agreement could lead the lender to obtain coverage for you and place coverage on your home via a “forced-placed” policy. In Read More

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Homeowner Insurance Claims

In Florida, we are currently in the middle of hurricane season. With it, come the possibility of roof damage, structural damage caused by high winds – this is known as “racking” a house, flood damage, and other possibilities. It is possible that you will have to file a claim against your insurance company. I think Read More

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What To Do After A Car Accident

The most common question I am asked by friends and family is “What should I do following a car accident?” Such a time can be highly stressful, emotional, and scary. It is important to keep calm and remember that the steps you take directly following your accident can affect your potential insurance claim. GET TO A SAFE Read More

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Assignment of Insurance Benefit(s)

With the worst of Hurricane Hermine behind us, you may need to seek out storm clean up or water-loss restoration companies. The Property Insurance Coverage Blog through the Merlin Law Group make some very strong recommendations: “Be very cautious and make sure you don’t unintentionally give away your benefits for the insurance claim if that Read More

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Letter of Protection

LETTER OF PROTECTION It is possible that if you’re injured in an accident a letter of protection (LOP) could be vital to your case. The LOP is a tool that allows the injured person to get the medical care they need during the time period it takes for the personal injury lawyer to get the Read More

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