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What Are The Top 4 Medical Mistakes That Are Committed?

Most people may have the misconception that a medical mistake only means that there was a mistake during a surgery. Surgical errors are amongst the top medical mistakes, but there are other medical mistakes that many people may not even begin to think about. A medical mistake within the medical world can occur for various reasons. There is not one set reason as to why medical mistakes happen, and sadly, the patient is the one who must suffer the consequences of a medical professional’s error.

A surprising fact is that medical errors contribute to many deaths every year throughout the United States. In fact, the third leading cause of fatalities in the US is due to medical errors that are committed by medical professionals. Ironically, the people who are supposed to be caring and treating a patient, are injuring them even more. Could that be why many people have lost their faith in medicine? Perhaps. Regardless of the reason for committing the mistake, the medical professional or medical facility must be legally liable for the medical malpractice that they did. The Miami Firm of Legal Malpractice Attorneys

Top 4 Medical Errors That Happen in a Medical Setting

These are the top medical malpractices that happen within different medical settings. A mistake can occur in a doctor’s office, in a hospital, in the emergency room, inside an ambulance, at a pharmacy, in a nursing home, and other locations. When a medical mistake happens, a patient can suffer severe repercussions. The following errors are the most common that seem to occur:

  • Errors in prescription drugs: The vast majority of prescribed drugs come with their side effects. Now, when a drug causes a person to suffer side effects that could have been prevented, then a prescription error has just occurred. Improperly or incorrectly prescribing the drug can lead to a medical malpractice. The appropriate drugs need to be used to treat the specific condition that the patient has.
  • Misdiagnosing/Failure to diagnose: A patient’s condition can worsen when there is a misdiagnosis or a failure to diagnose their medical condition. A misdiagnosis happens when the patients conditioned is confused for another less severe condition, while a failure to diagnose is when the doctor is unable to see that there is a medical condition, when in fact, there is. These two errors can lead to the patient’s death, and if not, it can leave them permanently disabled.
  • Failing to treat the condition: Failing to treat a medical condition occurs when the doctor has established what medical condition that patient has, but does not treat the condition. This happens when hospitals are understaffed or overworked and prematurely discharge the patient without addressing them to a specialist.
  • Surgical Mistakes: This is one of the most common types of medical errors. A surgical mistake does not constitute a surgery failing or succeeding. What makes a surgical error a medical malpractice is when a mistake during the procedure was committed like not properly supplying oxygen to the patient or leaving a surgical instrument inside the patient’s body.

Were You a Victim of a Medical Mistake That Could Have Been Prevented in Miami?

When a medical error that led to an injury or a wrongful death could have been prevented in various ways, this usually constitutes a medical malpractice. The Miami personal injury attorneys of Percy Martinez P.A, will assess the case in every aspect and figure out what is the best approach to obtain the maximum amount of monetary compensation that the victim and the families of the victim are entitled to.

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