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Wes Dunaway’s Reviews

Hello Wes and Dawn,

Thank you Dawn for sending the discharge and for calling me over the weekend. – That was very special and thoughtful of you! And thank you Mr. Dunaway for handling the probate process. You are extremely good at your job! I had such faith in you and your company. I could not have done this without you!

I will be closing out his bank accounts (believe I can do that now). Will speak with my CPA regarding the Trust Accounting.


Thank you all for your help and expertise,

Happy Holiday,

Linda Ellis

Jay Kovar’s Reviews

I fully recommend Kovar Law Group!!

“1 year ago today I was t-boned a block away from my apartment, and it marked the beginning of a long process of healing, car repairs, and a seemingly endless correspondence with insurance companies.

There were many times I was frustrated along the way, and would have definitely given in to the arduous process, or lost hope entirely. Luckily, I have a friend who saw my Facebook post and offered to help.

I cannot thank Jay Kovar enough for his guidance, patience, and professionalism throughout my ordeal. He was literally a game-changer – my 2016 would have been far worse without him. A little over 2 weeks ago my case was closed and I couldn’t be happier with Jay’s performance as my legal representative.

I’m sure I wasn’t his ideal client, and had plenty of obstacles surrounding my situation, but he persevered and I wouldn’t have wanted anyone one else to have my back other than Kovar Law Group.

If you’ve been injured in an auto collision, you probably know about the scam insurance companies and chiropractors surround you within. As an individual you have little control or say in the type of treatment and compensation you receive. After a horrible experience at Centra Care and their terrible referral to a torture chamber disguised as a chiropractor office, I was ready to cut my losses. Thankfully Jay kept me on track, and his associate Jennifer Jordan was able to find me a much better Dr (Orlando Chiropractic) who was actually interested in helping me reach my maximum medical improvement, not just some quack who wanted to twist my neck off every 2 days. I honestly can’t thank everyone at Kovar Law Group enough.

Also, I’d like to thank Progressive Insurance for being fair once all the facts had been presented. I’ve heard some insurance companies are nightmares to deal with come claim-time; however, I was lucky the man who hit me had decent coverage with a reputable company.

If you’re ever in a similar situation, or need any legal advice in general – I fully recommend Kovar Law Group!!”

Jeff T.

Really cares about the clients

“Thanks for looking out for me. Your office is the only place that really cares about the clients. I am grateful I was sent your way!!”


Someone who actually cares

“Jay was amazing! It was nice to have an attorney guide me through the process and treat me like a real person. Jay took the time to explain things to me without me feeling like it was a burden or that he was better than me (unlike another attorney I visited.) I would recommend him to anyone looking for help with dealing with an insurance company or for any other problem for that matter.”

A Satisfied Client

Efficient and professional

“I found Mr. Kovar to be an engaging attorney. His attention to detail and commitment to the case were evident from the start. Mr. Kovar and his team do a great job in engaging the client from the beginning, and I’d recommend him to any potential personal injury victim.”


Jay Kovar cares about his clients

“I have had the honor and privilege of knowing Jay for many years. We regularly exchanges ideas, brainstorm strategies, and share research with each other. What has come across to me with absolutely clarity is that Jay truly cares about his clients and will employ every tool he has to not only meet but exceed his clients’ expectations. His staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and hard working. I recommend this attorney.”


Got the best results possible

“I retained Kovar Law Group to represent me after I was in a car accident. The unique circumstances of my case presented a variety of complex legal issues. I am so grateful that Kovar Law Group was there for me and was able to analyze every detail of my complicated case. I got the best results possible, I couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.”

Jay L.

Very professional and knowledgeable“I have had the pleasure to work with Jay Kovar on several occasions. He is always been very professional and knowledgeable. Jay has shown me that he goes above and beyond to help. I needed help with an issue and he was not the right person. Jay not only referred the right person but, another outstanding professional like himself.

I find Jay to be honest and straightforward. He has demonstrated a high degree of loyalty and trustworthiness in his work.

He is certainly an asset to our company. I would recommend him without reservations.”

JoAnn B.

Highly recommend using Kovar Law Group to friends and family“Kovar Law Group represented my interest in a commercial investment and guided me through all my options in an easy to understand way. Jay’s practical advice and hard work made the process effortless and stress free. I will highly recommend using Kovar Law Group to friends and family.”

Bryan L.

Combination of business experience and good sound legal advice“As a business owner, I have used Kovar Law Group for business consultation as well as legal matters. The combination of business experience and good sound legal advice has made Kovar Law Group a vital part of our success. Thank You!”

Tyler D.

Wes Dunaway’s Reviews

Estate of My Late Sister

“After my sister died intestate in Florida, I was tasked with finding a suitable lawyer in Florida. I’m based in New York. I interviewed and reviewed the engagement letters of 3 lawyers before settling on Wes Dunaway. For our first conversation, I knew I had the right person. His calm assured voice signaled that I was in good hands. Further, his warm and caring assistant, Megan, was just a joy to communicate with. Not only was Wes Dunaway efficient, focused and professional in the handling of my case, he was equally fair and reasonable in the fees that he charged. I would and will highly recommend him to anyone else who can benefit from his services.”

A Satisfied Client

Storage Unit Negligence Lawsuit

“I was a victim of a storage unit robbery that turned out to be a clear cut case of negligence on the part of the storage company. After being turned down by several local attorney’s (telling me I did not have a case), I was recommended to Wes by my neighbor’s daughter. He explained the ins and outs of the lawsuit process and took my case. We worked together for over two years and finally reached a financial settlement with a large insurance company. I would not hesitate to call Wes for any legal issues I might have in the future. Friendly, personable and professional. It doesn’t get any better. My highest recommendation!”


Caring and personable

“Attorney Dunaway really helped my family out in an emergency. He got on the phone several times with me, giving me advice for my aunt and uncle who had been scammed and were being threatened by sheriffs to get out of where they thought they were rightfully renting or they would be arrested. I felt like I was speaking to someone I had already known.
I see on his page he also does probate. I think anyone looking to probate a will would be wise to choose him, because like I said, you can tell he definitely cares. He didn’t have to get on the phone with me multiple times, but he did. I live in PA, and was trying to help family in FL, but I would definitely use him if I were in FL and needed legal help again.”


Very reliable and professional

“Thank you very much Wesley and Kristen. After dealing with another attorney who only took our down payment and disappeared, It has been a relief working with you. Our family really appreciate your prompt response to our requirement. We will certainly have your office in our mind and refer your services to any person that will require a professional and reliable attorney on this kind of situation. Have a great day.”


Wes Dunaway is incredible!

“Wes Dunaway did an excellent job on many different types of legal issues for us. We really appreciate everything, especially his professionalism and knowledge! Megan has been wonderful to work with as well! Thank you!”

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  • "Kovar Law Group represented my interest in a commercial investment and guided me through all my options in an easy to understand way. Jay’s practical..."  -Bryan L.

  • "I have had the pleasure to work with Jay Kovar on several occasions. He is always been very professional and knowledgeable. Jay has shown me that he goes..."  -JoAnn B.

  • "As a business owner I have used Kovar Law Group for business consultation as well as legal matters. The combination of business experience and good..."  -TYLER D.