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How Long Does It Typically Take To Create An Estate Plan?

Depending on the estate plan, from the time I meet with the clients and gather their information until the time that they return to sign the documents is typically one to two weeks.

What Is The Difference Between A Will And An Estate Plan?

The Will is a component of the estate plan. Practically every estate plan will include a Will if it is complete.

Do Most People Have A Customized Plan to Take Mental or Physical Incapacity into Consideration?

Most clients are thinking primarily about what will happen to their assets when they pass away. When creating an estate plan, we think about incapacity and make provisions for the ability of a loved one to make healthcare and business decisions if necessary.

What Are The Qualities To Look For In An Estate Planning Attorney?

I would look for an attorney who takes the same approach to estate planning that I take. I want you to control your life and your assets while you are alive and well. But if you should ever become sick or disabled, I want you and your loved ones to be protected and cared for in the way that you have chosen, by the people that you have chosen. When you die, I want you to be able to give what you have to the people you want to give it to when you want them to have it, and in the way you want them to have it. If I can accomplish all of those goals, then as a secondary goal, I want to save my clients as much money as possible in taxes, attorney’s fees, accountant fees and court costs.

As an attorney who not only practices estate planning, but also estate litigation, I have had the unfortunate experience of seeing wills that are ambiguous or sloppily prepared and this leads to disputes among the beneficiaries. If I were choosing an estate planning attorney, I would look for someone that was very careful and willing to give my documents the attention that they deserve. I might also look for somebody with experience in contested estate matters because that person is going to have the foresight to anticipate problems that an attorney who does not have that experience might not anticipate.

Finally, I would be very wary of an attorney who prepares a very short will that is just a “fill in the blanks form,” or an attorney who does not conduct the will signing in his or her office. To be valid, the will and all documents must be signed and executed with specific formalities. By letting execution of the documents take place outside of the office, the attorney is risking that the client makes some mistake that could invalidate the whole plan.

Additional Information about Estate Planning in Florida

As an attorney, I often find that my clients are frustrated because they may bring a legal problem to me and I am unable to tell them with certainty how long it will take to resolve their problem and how much it will cost to resolve that problem because legal matters are uncertain and there is no guaranteed outcome. However, estate planning is very rewarding to me because when I am engaged by the client, I can tell them exactly how much the estate plan will cost and that in a week or two, the documents will be ready and the estate plan process will be finished.

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